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Just A Spark Films was established by Producer/Director/Writer DON JOHNS.After seeing for the first time the Panasonic 100A shooting 24P (24 frames per second like a film camera),  he was convinced that the future of film would soon be digital. It also made him realize that film makers without a lot of money could perhaps see their visions up on the big screen. “For the first time in my life, I knew I could start making films, something that I had been dreaming about since I first picked up a Super 8 Film camera.” So began the journey,… Don has never lost sight of his goal of completing a feature film. In 2013 he did just that by completing “DO NO HARM”, a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Just A Spark Films will contine to produce high quality films that demand attention!
With a background in commercials and marketing films, Don’s heart has always been on making feature films. Even his first attempt, THE SIXTEEN DOLLAR MAN + TAX,  when he and some friends put together this Super-8 film, (with no sound) he knew that making films would be a life long pursuit. Later as technology advanced, Don wrote his first score for the film using an 8 track digital sequencer.  Don was hired to produce a film for a non-profit, it was during production that he met his future wife, KRISTINA DICKINSON. Fast forward some 30 years later, the passion is still there. “Seeing an actor for the first time performing words that I had written, brought tears to my eyes. I was forever hooked.” When Don’s not working on films, he continues to teach and speak at high schools and community colleges to encourage young people to pursue their dreams.
During the production of WALK IN MY SHOES, Kristina was asked to help with interviewing the children who were to be in the film. It was during this time that she quickly realized her creative side could not be ignored anymore. She co-wrote the lyrics on LET THE CHILDREN LAUGH, and would later write co-write the screenplay for THE STRANGER, which she also executive produced. She has written a family film which she hopes to produce and she also was involved in the pre-production of DEAD GENERATIONS. Serving as script supervisor as well as executive producer on JASF latest feature film, DO NO HARM. She has the perfect skill set to produce, write and guide JASF into the future. In 2011 she became MRS. JOHNS. 
We are so proud to announce DO NO HARM the feature film is coming soon on video on demand and other channels! Also available is the Do No Harm Soundtrack! Get your copy today! 
Just A Spark Films is proud to be working with the Wilmington, NC Police Department in producing a reality series, “Port City Blues”. The response has been phenomenal both from the public and the officers. Watch the trailers here!                          Watch the Time Warner News Interview. Watch Here!                                    
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